Agate is a great stone to bring in your authentic energy to find your purpose in life! It helps bring grounding and a feeling of security into your life! It helps with anxiety, stress and an overactive imagination! It helps to calm you, and brings in the relaxation vibe! Agate resonates with bravery helping you to get rid of the root cause of bad dreams, insomnia, stress, energy drains & blocks, enhances courage. Helps children overcome their fears & vibrates a feeling of protection. Emanates a calming energy of a lower vibration, which is much easier to handle when feeling overwhelmed. A powerful emotional healer resonating to the heart chakra. Agate is believed to magnify an individual's life force energy. Agate helps bring you back to the present moment which is beneficial in alleviating anxiety, stress, angst, and fear. This stone has been known to help on find self-worth and love of oneself. Agate has been used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision to detail by awakening inherent talents. It helps balance the energies of the body, mind and spirit, stabilizing the aura and cleansing dysfunctional energies. Stone of acceptance, persuasion, attraction, harmony, good health, long life, grounding, optimism, tranquility. Wear it, carry it, place it around your home or office and let it do what it can to help you ground!

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