Chakra Meditation Kit

Chakra Meditation Kit


7 Chakra stones!

Red Jasper -Root Chakra bringing your focus back to the grounding earth. Get yourself rooted and balanced. It all starts here. You need a strong base before to can create higher intuition or you will topple over!


Carnelian- Sacral Chakra helps get your creative juices flowing!


Citrine -Solar plexus Chakra helps you know who you are authentically. Build the strength you need in your true self!


Aventurine- Heart Chakra! Open your heart to forgiveness and healing!


Blue Quartz- Throat Chakra helps you speak your truth!


Sodalite- Third eye Chakra helpsyou open your third eye at your own pace, it's never too much with the gentle energy of Sodalite!


Amethyst -Crown Chakra connect to all the universal guide you need!!


If you want to learn more come take a class with me! For more information email me at Subject: Chakras, even if you have questions, I love to help!