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Your Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Most people know about their basic 7 energy centres, but there are hundreds of chakras or energy wheels all over your energetic body. I would like to talk about the Earth Star and Soul Star.

The earth star is located below your feet about 8 to 18 inches. Just in case you are unaware your energy body or auric field flows in and around our physical body about 8 feet or more in an egg or oval shape.

This helps us ground into the earth, a great mediation you can do is to envision tree roots coming from your feet or from your root chakra into the ground. Many colours can be associated with this chakra including black, red brown or mossy green, a mix of earthy colours. Crystals associated with this chakra are bloodstone, black obsidian, black tektite, black onyx, red jasper just to name a few!

You know when this energy centre is aligned because you feel more peaceful connected to the earth, grounded, calm, and protected or held by mother earth.

The soul star energy centre is located above the head. This one is our divine conduit filter. It helps us to connect to our higher self, higher power guides, angels, ancestors, and all other beings that help us on our path. Connecting to this energy centre also helps us with meditation, lucid dreaming, mediumship and enhances our intuition. This is a very important chakra for people wanting to develop their intuition.

Colours associated with this chakra are usually white, blue or purple, sometimes pink all illuminating very brightly. Crystals associated with this chakra are danburite, quartz, kunzite, and moldavite.

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