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Tips and tools to help deal with Anxiety

Anxiety unfortunately is extremely normal in our society. Most people experience anxiety on many different levels. Which made sense at one time these outdated signals helped keep us alive. Today these same signals may make it difficult to concentrate or be present in the moment, or anxiety may be ripping you apart inside and you might feel like you can not breath, or are dying. It can paralyze people from going out in the world and living their best life. Coming into the present moment, meditation, yoga, reiki, crystals, and aromatherapy can all be super helpful tools in helping deal with anxiety. One other potentially powerful way to deal with the effects of anxiety is through the energy of crystals. These are tools to help and should in no way substitute your doctors advice.

1. Crystals have been used for centuries and harness powerful vibrations and energy fields. They can work in different ways to comfort and support those who need it. Simply hold them in the palm of your hand, wear them as jewellery, place them in your pockets, bags, you can even place crystals everywhere in your house, workspace, or under your pillow as you sleep at night to help get rid of unwanted dreams or to help remember your dreams.

Below is a list of crystals and techniques that help calm anxiety, and panic attacks. These things have helped me through my teen years and well into adulthood. I hope they can help you find some peace as well. I am in no way an expert, that would be your medical professional!

Labradorite is my main crystal! I love all crystals, but Labradorite is definitely my most go to everyday crystal. Labradorite is great to protect your aura and your energy. It creates a shield around you to stop unwanted energies from coming in. It can help you understand your intuition better, and helps you understand when the anxiety your feeling is your own or if you are picking up on other energy around you. Labradorite has a lot of amazing properties to help ground you, help you feel protected, hold you and support you through many tough times. It especially helps you feel more comfortable in crowded spaces. I have been wearing my labradorite for many years and it is a great teacher in controlling and regulating your energy and emotional body.

Rose Quartz has a very calming soothing energy that is known to help with anxiety, stress and depression. Rose quartz can help you think in a more positive way helping release self deprecating thoughts. It has a very transforming loving energy that not only centers on the physical heart, but the emotional heart body as well. Rose quartz energy feels like a warm hug from the universe when you need one. It is a stone of hope, and can also help sleep patterns as well.

Selenite is believed to be a powerful healer. Selenite is a calming, peaceful crystal that promotes mental clarity, reduces stress & anxiety and removes negative energy. Holding a piece of selenite or using it as a worry stone is very soothing and calming, it can also bring your focus back to the present moment which may help release the anxiety state. It has a high vibrational frequency that helps you connect to guides, angels, ancestors and you higher self and high power. I have known people with anxiety or in deep stress to pick away at a rough piece until nothing is left, they find it incredibly soothing.

2. Coming back to the present moment can help when having an anxiety or panic attack, but can be hard. Try taking a moment to name the 5 things you see. You can do this quietly or out loud depending on the situation you are in. What do you hear? After you name 5 or more things you see, you can then pin point some sounds that surround you, name them. You can go into all your senses to find what best works for you, maybe it is smells and you can have some essential oils on hand, or touch, or taste like sucking on a mint to bring back focus. Know yourself and what works best for you, so that you can prepare your coping mechanisms.

3. Drinking green tea can often help in the moment or by drinking daily. This isn't for everyone. Green tea can have a very relaxing effect on your mind, it may help to reduce stress. A mint Green tea is even more effective for soothing as well as calming the mind and body!

4. Is that true? When Negative or self deprecating thoughts take root and start making things worse get into the habit of asking "is this true for me or is this my truth?" It is one way to take back your power. It is not as easy as it sounds and for the first few times the answer you give yourself will probably be "yes", but you can move past this and take back your power.

5. Can you name what you are feeling? Recognizing anxiety for what it is may help alleviate it. When you know it is anxiety and not something life threatening it is often easier to quiet down the mind, and come back to a feeling of wellbeing or a less heightened state. I used to always say "ride the wave" it would help me to realize it will pass soon, no matter how crippling or intense I was feeling in the moment. Talking yourself through it is a great way to take your power back.

Anxiety may always be part of your life, but you don't have to let it take over. Day by day know that you are doing the best you can with the knowledge and wisdom you have right now. Keep looking for ways to empower yourself, grow and evolve. Make a plan that works for you, whether it is having crystals in your pocket, a little 2 minute meditation, or an aroma therapy bottle you carry, but have a plan. You can get through this.

Nature and feeling grounded in the earth is another amazing way to come through the other side of anxiety!