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Lions Gate Energy Shifts

Hello Everyone today is August 8,2022, a phenomenal day for energetic increases in your being. Everyone experiences these shifts in their own way, but it is always exactly what you need for your greatest highest good at this time for the path you are choosing. This energy shift starts slowly coming to you July 7 and is at it's peak on August 8th and starts to wane after today. Where ever you are on your energetic journey these days are here to help us shed what no longer serves us like a snake skin, making room for new growth and the evolution of our being. Sometimes these energetic shifts and changes can be difficult, but once we move through it we come out with even more understanding and clarity. Look for signs and symbols in this time if you are not sure the path you are choosing to walk. Always know you are not alone and you can ask your guides for help. Maybe you have a feeling like you should be doing something but you have no idea what. Know that you are living your purpose everyday even if you feel lost and may not be sure what that is yet. You and your energy are here for a reason, and like the petals of a rose your beautiful gifts will come to you as you are ready to know, understand and use them. You can never miss out on what is meant for you, it will always come to you in your own time. Actually you already have everything you need within you, it is more about when you feel comfortable to use it. The lions gate today is here to help you.

Sometimes headaches or migraine headaches may be a side effect of energetic integration. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Know that you are a sovereign being on your path to a great discovery of self.

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