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It can't be an Ai for me!

I was so excited to learn about the Ai technology that has recently come to my attention, such leaps and bounds it is taking. What an interesting concept and advancement.I even signed up for one that could learn to write like me for me,but before I even used it I came to the realization that when I write it is something coming from my heart and soul. Something needing to be released, how could I get someone or thing to do it for me?

Yes it would save time, and no doubt an ai is way more articulate than I am sure, but for me, I write when I want to express something.I write when I love to write, to express inner wisdom, emotions, or just myself! Messages I send usually have a direct connect to the energy pertaining to that situation. I would be losing a creative part of myself that should never be lost. An amazing advancement for sure,ai for a business is definitely a game changer, but for a wisdom teacher, bard, creatrix, artist, writer, a creative being expressing their essence into word on a page or art on a canvas! I say let your heart and soul continue to create! It is the universal flow!

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