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Why is journaling important?

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Why is journaling so important to your healing or learning process?

Journaling helps you work through deep seeded emotions, which helps you to really evaluate the root cause of a situations. It can also help you see your progress from where you were to where you are. There are so many amazing aspects of how journaling can help you in your daily life too.

“Journaling your dreams can help you experience them again and again.”

A journal is a wonderful place to manifest your dream life, and really get clear on your goals and what you would like to see in your life. Writing down things you think will make you happy or help you create your best life.

A journal can help you keep track of signs and symbols from your nightly dreams to decipher the synchronistic messages from the universe. We always think we will remember our profound dreams, but usually the fade away and become a hazy memory.

A journal is a fabulous place to keep a record of pretty much anything in our lives from our healing experiences, psychic awakening, to even a travel journal. Whether we keep them forever or burn them as a rite of passage, journals really are a helpful tool in our daily lives!

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