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...but I don't wear dresses! The lesson of the dress!

I try to follow my nudges from the universe without question, who am I kidding I always have questions, like I said I try! The other day I had a direct feeling that I needed to go to the thrift store even though I don't need anything or want anything, so I thought maybe my energy just needs to be in that space at this time. Who know why we are called to the places we are called to be in, sometimes it is clear, others not so much. So off to the thrift store I went, as soon as I walked in I found this glorious dress, black, long, the most brilliant sparkles I have ever seen in my life.

I love this dress I thought, but then reality kicked in. I don't ever wear dresses. So I think to myself there has to be a different reason I am here, I walk away from the dress. Then I start thinking maybe I will just carry it around, so I can talk myself out of it. Ha! Nope, I bought that dress and even though I have yet to wear it, it is hanging on my bedroom wall and brings me so much joy. I am sure I will wear it at some point, but one thing I have realized is the difference between the spark of light from something that truly brings you joy and the muddy feeling of things that don't bring you joy but you hold on to in case you need it one day! Time to purge my closet and life of all the things that no longer serve me or bring me joy! Spring cleaning is here! The lesson of the dress!

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