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Anybody else composting inside?

Anybody else composting inside?

Wait...a compost post? Body, Mind and Spirit! It is all interconnected. You can't have one without the others! The trinity undivided, is you! Anyway back to composting. I love composting outside in summer but it makes me really hate throwing out peelings and the good composting materials in the winter. My compost bin usually gets full in fall, even though I do not believe in raking my leaves, but thats a post for another time!

I started a little test compost bin under my sink and it is fabulous! It doesn't smell and I am ready to upgrade to something a little bigger!

It's just as easy as composting outside! The mix is the same. If you're like me and don't have dry leaves just use paper! Make sure to stir or shake, at least once a week. I like to shake my little compost bin! Shaken not stirred, ha! No matter how you do it remember air circulation is important!

I just used a little pastic bucket that has a tight lid. I cut 5 evenly placed holes in the lid, with about 4 smaller ones just to make sure air gets in. Then I cut a pair of nylons that I have had since I don't even know when. But I know I will never wear them! I placed it over the lid and tied it. You can get screen and hot glue it! You do you! I might make my bigger on more fancy, but this is perfect for now! Living life to it's fullest with Earth in mind!

To start put soil at the bottom, paper or leaves, then add your compost ingredients!

If it does start to smell, you need to add more dry ingredients to your compost. Dry leaves, paper, thin carboard! For best results chop things before putting them in your compost bin and remember no meat or cooked ingredients, those will attract unwanted creatures, and will smell! Happy composting!

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