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Hematite Jewellery Info

Hematite is here to remind you that you are divinely protected and you are tapped in to the grounded healing energy of the earth.


Hematite reflects negative energy away from you transmuting it back in to its positive form as it is sent back into the world! It also wards away jealousy and the evil eye, like a mirror reflecting to back from which it came!

Focus on your wellbeing and release everything that is no longer serving your highest good!

Hematite energy is all about bringing in the new, see yourself as the powerful being of creation that you are.

This is a stone of the mind. Its energy helps you sort things out, and put things in perspective. It can help balance the emotions of the body, mind and spirit. Calming and soothing erratic emotional energy with in and around you. Peace, self control, inner happiness, self love, tranquility, and emotional clarity are the energies of this stone.

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