Classes & Workshops

Here is the wisdom I am teaching. If you are interested in taking a class or workshop with me please contact me and we will set up a time and place.


Reiki Level 1, 2, 3/ Master levels

Level 1 Reiki: The First Degree Certification

The level 1 attunement is one of the most important levels you will take. It gives you the strong foundation you need to understand energy work, and the energy body as a whole. It is an important time to work on yourself, to have a greater understanding of the healing process. After your class it will be at least 21 days before level 2 will begin if you choose to continue. During this time you will be working daily and I will be available to hold space and answer everything that comes up in this time for you. It is important to consciously deal with everything coming up for you in this time, or it will present itself in your daily life in a less structured manageable way. This is true for any learning or initiation process you do.

$150.00 per person

Level 2 Reiki : The Second Degree Certification

Level 2 attunement opens your heart chakra and gives you the skills to practice reiki on others. It opens the connection more deeply on a different level. You will learn the symbols and hand placements to enhance your abilities. You will use these symbols everyday to enhance your daily life, food, energy in the world, for distant healing and so much more.

Must have completed level 1

$150.00 per person

Level 3: The Third Degree & Reiki Master


Becoming a Reiki Master is a deep commitment to Reiki. You will be able to teach and initiate others into the amazing world of Reiki. This degree gives you more symbols and an even stronger understanding and connection to this universal energy. Whether you want to practise or teach I highly recommend this level and the extra tools it provides.

Must have completed Reiki 1 and 2

$250.00 per person

Crystal Workshop

In this workshop you will learn all the basics of crystals, how to use them for healing, manifesting, divination, and in your daily life. This workshop is on demand just message me and we will set it up. I also have group rates, why not get a group together and have a fun learning experience together.

This crystal workshop will include;

 How to choose or listen to the stones that choose you. The best ways to cleanse, clear, charge and program your gemstones and crystals.

How crystals work.

Chakras and your energy body.

 How to use Pendulums.

Practical uses and how to use crystals and gemstones.

Shapes, formations, and an easy way to know which crystal is best in the moment.

Healing, gridding and safe elixirs.

Plus anything else that comes up during the class

$88.00 per person

(includes some fabulous crystals, gemstones and workbook  for you!)


Crystal Divination Workshop

Learn everything you need to know about the art of crystal divination. Learn how to use crystals and gemstones to be your oracle guide in your everyday life.


First you will learn the art of using a pendulum,

how and why it works.

Then we will dive deep into the amazing energy of crystals, the synchronicities and wisdom they can share with you daily.

Learn crystal layouts and how to create your own layouts.

How to ask the best worded questions to tap into the answers you seek.

This class includes a crystal divination set and my mini guide book.

$88.00 per person

This class is on demand which means if you are interested contact me and we will set up the time and date.