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My name is Cherie, Welcome to my website!

I am a Certified Reiki Master, an intuitive channel, trained Spiritual Counsellor, Ordained Interfaith Non-denominational Minister and Intuitive Energy Healer. Born intuitive, but not having a clear picture of what to do with it, I started educating myself on crystals, healing techniques, shamanism and different belief systems. Mostly as my own journey to seek answers, now I offer that wisdom through spiritual counselling, intuitive healing sessions, and workshops! I facilitate energy work, intuitive guidance, crystal healing layouts, chakra balancing/clearing, crystal healing jewellery, Usui /Sekhem/Tera Mai /Kundalini/Crystal Reiki, energy clearing and more.

The best thing I have learned along my journey is that we are all healers, we all heal ourselves! Sometimes we just need someone else to help us hold the space, bring in that extra energy we need or help see more clearly the next steps to take. I am here to help be that conduit! We are all collective beings! We need each other! We are a global nation! We never stop growing, changing, learning and evolving! Go with the flow!

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Spiritual Consultation

I am here for you, let's talk and get to the root of this issue! That is where your healing begins!

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Reiki/Distant Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes sleep and healing. In person or online

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Oracle Guidance

Feeling Stuck? Let's see what the cards have to say! In person or online

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Crystal Healing

Wrap yourself in the warm vibration of crystals and rocks, to enhance your healing experience! Every Crystal Grid is unique and individual to what you need in the moment!

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Wax Healing "Strakh Vylyvaty"

Ukrainian folk healers or Ukrainian Shamans have a very powerful healing ceremony using blessed water and beeswax.

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Heal Your Spirit & Mind


  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  •  15/04/2023 10:00 AM - 15/04/2023 03:00 PM
  •   1239 Manahan Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S8, Canada

In this workshop you will learn all the basics of crystals, and how to use them for healing, manifesting, divination, and in your daily life. You do not need to know anything before coming to this class! Bring a notebook and pen because we will cover a lot of information! I have been teaching about energy work and crystals for over 20 years now, as I evolve so do my classes! The knowledge and wisdom I have to share on this topic is very extensive and every class is a little different depending on what the needs of my students are. I am an inuitive and often answer peoples questions before they are asked which leads to an array of fabulous facts!

  • C$30.00
  •  12/04/2023 06:00 PM - 12/04/2023 08:00 PM
  •   L.O.V.E 1729 Main st. Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Learn the Art of the Pendulum! People have been using the pendulum for ages to connect to their intuition, answer questions, for fun and for healing.

  • C$250.00
  •  26/03/2023 10:00 AM - 26/03/2023 04:00 PM
  •   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Once you have embodied Level One Reiki working on the deep understanding of self, and self healing. Plus embodied Level Two and have a greater understanding of healing connection with self, universal energy and others, you are then ready to take Level 3/Master Levels. Becoming a Reiki Master is a deep commitment to Reiki. You will be able to teach and initiate others into the amazing world of Reiki. You will be able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of the universal energy force to others and hold space as they enter this amazing journey! You will also learn more symbols and techniques for enhancing your connection to have a better understanding so you may teach this wisdom and initiate others.

  •  25/03/2023 10:00 AM - 25/03/2023 03:00 PM
  •   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Level 2 attunement opens your heart chakra and gives you the skills to practice reiki on others. It opens the connection more deeply on a different level.

  • C$150.00
  •  04/03/2023 10:00 AM - 04/03/2023 04:00 PM
  •   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The level 1 attunement is one of the most important levels you will take. It gives you the strong foundation you need to understand energy work, and the energy body as a whole.


You can buy my products in person at L.O.V.E. 1729 Main St and WITTYPEG 129 Regent Ave East ...hopefully more stores coming soon!